And all the good girls go home with broken hearts

July 7, 2010


It works…and yet…it doesn’t…because a lot of good girls did go home with broken hearts on July 1, 2010…a lot of them Chicago fans…and Sabres fans.

Chicago? What’s up with Chicago? Well other than cleaning house and absolutely obliterating all real hopes for a repeat of last year, not too much. After the Stanley cup raises and contracts the team is in a bit of a problem. The spring (summer?) cleaning is well underway at the expense of some big players, many of which going to the southern team of Atlanta (Ladd, Byfuglien, Sopel and Eager) I believe that the statistic lies with about 1/3 of the team gone in trades and to free agency, significantly marring any real chance of a science fiction double feature for the team. But with how last season ended in a bang, I’m thinking that this might give the team some fire, to try and make a good run of things.

Confidennncceeeee! (it can really only get you so far.)

Sheldon Souray was left to the wayside by waivers and his fate hangs in the balance. It was interesting to see no one pick up Shelly Wonderbomb (anyone remember during a certain Oilers game, Shelly getting that name for his wonderful shot?) With the bomb he has, it’s a wonder he hasn’t been piced up. The Oilers are doing a nice turn around with their players, losing Patrick O Sully Boy and Robert Neilson. What makes me really excited?! Stevie Mac is back with us! I loved this little wrecking ball from hell when we last had him, and you bet your ass I’ll love to see this little homewrecker soon!

Tambelini’s decision to start rebuilding from the ground up after last season doesn’t really come as much of a surprise to me. When a team does as unfortunately bad as the )ilers did, you need to kind of start at square one and make things right. Making things right, although painful for some of the fans, starts with a killer plan to make things happen, and what better building blocks are working with an already moderately young team, and at the helm, a first rounder?

If there’s one thing I’m kind of drawn on it’s the letting go of former captain Ethan Moreau to the Columbus Blue Jackets. Ethan has proven to be an almost perfect captain, standing up for his teammates when needed and being able to rile the team to a success. To toss away someone who’s proven himself so well really was a bit confusing to me. I’m not happy to see Ethan go in the slightest, and I can’t say I fully understand the motivations there…

The Sabres have been a little slow on the trade circuit, mainly dealing with resigning, we saw our two Vets, Sushi (Lydman) and Hook (Tallinder) leave us for two new (and hopefully more successful…for their sakes at least) markets, the Ducks and Devils respectively. Seeing as neither of these guys were kept, I now even further support Darcy I his decision to draft a D-man for pick 23. It looks like if we continue any track record like this, we’ll need one. To take one of their place, Jordan Leopold was signed. He’s got some expericnce in the game, 7 years where he played a pretty healthy season and averaging around 20 points a season. That’s 20 good points, and is on par to take Hook’s place. Though Sushi was a little better for the team, we need a little bit more of a defensive scorer. Maybe Sheldon Souray could fill his place? I’d be more than happy to see Darcy steal him off waivers at the beginning of the season!

I’ve come to find that the Sabres fans like to be discontent regardless of the situation. It is only normal to be uncomfortable with change, losing our strongest D-Men is nothing but unnerving. Who is reliable enough to take their place? But I have found that they are looking less to the future, excited about what we may obtain, but more nervous and worried. Maybe it has been the track record with Darcy that really is a hope breaker. I usually try to err on the side of hopefulness , and would like to think that someone is going to take Sushi’s place effectively, maybe better. The Sabres now have an opportunity to make the team stronger than ever…Trade deadline is a time to run up to these oppurtunities and greet them with eagerness, to maybe not fully trust your GM, but trust your team…that October will start you off brighter, happier, and just as ready to cheer on your boys as you ever were.

What keeps me so optimistic? Lord knows if I know, but I think constantly being in a state of making something and being a little distracted…and always content…

The knitter strikes again!

These are made as a surprise to one of my close friends. Believe it or not, I’ve never made mittens before, and I’m so happy as to how these turned out. I have been thinking about doing hockey-inspired commissions, so if you want one of these in theme of your team, just e-mail me at thenetwrub@yahoo.com and I’ll see what I can do for you!

That’s all from your favorite juicebox!



One comment

  1. Still love the gloves. 😀

    Everyone is so grumpy in this city when it coems to free agency. They act like things are going to be different EVERY single year, but Darcy just does the same thing. Though I think he made a huge splash (in Buffalo’s eyes) with signing Rob Niedermayer.

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